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Upgrade Your Los Angeles County Property with Copper Re-Piping

If you own a property in Los Angeles County, you've probably dealt with a major plumbing upgrade before. Picking the right pipe material is the key to getting the most from a renovation. Copper re-piping with Infinity Plumbing Inc. provides a host of benefits.

For all your commercial and residential re-piping needs, here are a few upsides of switching to copper:

  • Consistent Water Pressure — Old iron pipes are notorious for producing lackluster pressure. As rust and corrosion build up along pipe walls, water pressure inevitably suffers. Copper pipes maintain consistent clearances over the course of decades due to their resistance to rusting. The result is topnotch water pressure coming from every faucet connected to the system.
  • Remarkably Clean Water — Over time, old iron pipes begin to produce discolored and foul-tasting water. While galvanized iron pipes are coated with zinc to prevent rusting, that coating eventually breaks down. Copper pipes will resist rusting and curtail the growth of algae. The result is clean water that tastes great and produces no discernible odor.
  • Low Likelihood of Leaks — Thanks to their resistance to corrosion, copper pipes aren't prone to the pesky leaks that plague iron pipes. As long as copper pipes are installed properly, they probably won't ever leak. When it comes to commercial and residential re-piping jobs that must be impervious to leaks, copper is the smartest choice.
  • Practically Zero Maintenance — Good commercial and residential re-piping results in a minimum of a 50-year warranty on the work performed. Since copper pipe lasts as long if not longer than the life of a building, it's unlikely to require any repairs. That reliability gives property owners peace of mind when it comes to maintenance expense expectations.
  • Superior Returns on Investments — Ultimately, copper pipes are a bargain if you care at all about long-term value. The lack of maintenance and repairs saves owners a ton of money over the years. What's more, copper is still worth some coin when the time comes to yank the old piping out of the walls.

If you have to overhaul your pipes anywhere in Los Angeles County, copper re-piping is your best bet for a long-term solution. As you can see, opting for copper solves plenty of problems and prevents new ones from developing. Call us today to see why we're the pipe experts to beat.

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